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Soprema Lastobond Shield HT - 36" x 75' Roll (225 Square feet per roll)

Soprema Lastobond Shield HT - 36" x 75' Roll (225 Square feet per roll)

by Convoy
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LASTOBOND SHIELD HT is a self-adhesive roof underlayment and eave protection membrane composed of SBS modified bitumen with a glass mat reinforcement. The surface is slip resistant tri-laminate woven polyethylene, while the underface is covered with a ”split-back” silicone release film. This surface allows the use of LASTOBOND SHIELD HT membrane on various slopes.

Resistant to temperature as high as 115 °C (239 °F)
Ideal for metal claddings
Self-sealing membrane

LASTOBOND SHIELD HT is used under roofing shingles. The thermal resistance of LASTOBOND SHIELD HT allows the use of the membrane
under roof covering materials (metal claddings, tiles, etc.) which can reach high temperatures. It is advisable to install the roof covering
materials within 24 hours after the installation of those membranes.

LASTOBOND SHIELD HT must be adhered to support by peelling off the siliconed release film. Once installed, a pressure must be applied
over the whole surface using a membrane roller to ensure good contact.
Application temperatures : applications ≥ 10 ºC (50 ºF)

Service temperatures : LASTOBOND SHIELD HT - applications between -45 to 115 ºC (-49 to 239 ºF)