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Warehoos is your online building supply yard. Funded in part by the Government of Canada, we use our many years of experience in the building supply industry to help contractors source competitively priced building products online. As opposed to eliminating important supply channels like many larger online suppliers who can’t deliver ‘on time’ for contractors, we work with the same suppliers you know to deliver where and when you need it. Yes you can order 24/7 from us, and we’ll do the rest—making sure you can spend more time building.

  • Improve Your Efficiency as a Contractor by streamlining your order process
  • Buy more competitively
  • Find obscure building products you find specified on your plans but don’t know where to find
  • Spend less time sourcing products, and

 Spend more time building! 



106-3757 190th St, Surrey, BC Canada V3Z 0P6

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