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DOWSIL™ 758 Silicone Weather Barrier Sealant WHITE - 600ml Sausage (16/box)

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A one part, neutral cure silicone elastomeric sealant, designed for primerless adhesion to challenging, low surface energy, air & weather barriers, window flashings and other fenestration materials. 
The current lead time for Dowsil 758 is ~1 week. We will call you within 24 hrs after your order to confirm. Please call us at 1-877-383-2671 if you have any questions.
  • Self-adhered window flashing and wraps
  • Nonwoven spunbound window flashing and wraps
  • Polyethylene wraps
  • Polyethylene surfaces
  • Polypropylene surfaces
  • Common polyolefins
  • PVC
  • Steel, aluminum and metals
  • Fluorinated surfaces
  • High adhesion strength to challenging material
  • Long-term silicone durability
  • Low-VOC formulation
  • Single-component, primerless application
  • ±25% movement capability
  • Passes 5,000 hr QUV test

UV and temperature extremes

  • One-part, medium-modulus neutral-cure adhesive/sealant silicone materials
  • Supports glass and other panel materials under high wind load
  • Weatherproofs substrates such as glass, aluminum, steel, painted metal, EIFS, granite & other stone, concrete, brick, plastic
  • Ready to use as supplied with all-temperature gunnability, easy tooling and low-odor curing