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4" x 25' Keene Easy-Fur Rollable Furring Strip - 10mm

4" x 25' Keene Easy-Fur Rollable Furring Strip - 10mm

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Introducing Keene Easy-Fur™, a revolutionary strip that pioneers an advanced rainscreen and venting system designed specifically for wood and fiber-cement siding.

What sets Easy-Fur apart is its distinctive design, enabling the quickest installation among furring strips available. Its roll-on application and easy customization to any length make it a standout choice for efficiency.

Enhancing the lifespan of your siding and minimizing the impact of moisture within your walls, Easy-Fur ensures optimal ventilation behind your siding, a crucial factor in preserving its integrity over time.

For your project needs, look no further than Warehoos, your go-to destination for purchasing Keene Easy-Fur rollable furring strips. We offer convenient access to pricing and availability whenever you need it.

As endorsed by Matt Risinger, Easy-Fur boasts a range of benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Cuttable with scissors
  • Compliance with most local codes
  • Resistant to splitting, warping, or rotting
  • Eliminates the promotion of mold, mildew, or bacteria
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • 4-inch width, available in 25-foot rolls

Applications for Easy-Fur extend to various siding materials, including wood, metal, and fiber cement board. It's also suitable for other roofing and wall applications.

Installation is straightforward but critical. Ensure the wall is structurally sound, membranes and flashing are correctly installed, and a path for moisture escape is established. Easy-Fur should only be applied to surfaces adhering to good building practices and meeting local code requirements.

Always check local building code requirements and carefully review manufacturers' installation instructions before commencing any applications. For a detailed guide, refer to the Installation Guide provided below. Choose Easy-Fur for a seamless blend of efficiency, durability, and adherence to industry standards.


How thick is Easy-Fur?

  • Easy-Fur is 10mm / 3/8" thick.

Can I double-stack Easy-Fur to get a larger thickness for my application?

  • Easy-Fur is compressible and double-stacking may not work as intended. We recommend combining the Easy-Fur with a standard pressure-treated furring strip to achieve a larger thickness.

Do you offer any bulk discounts?

  • Yes - please send us a message at with how many rolls you're looking for, where you're located, and when you need it. We'd love to help.