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Bosch 3/16 Inch SDS-plus® Bulldog™ Rotary Hammer Drill Bits

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The Bosch SDS-plus® Bulldog™ Xtreme Rotary Hammer Bit provides 4X life in concrete with rebar, due to its 100% full-carbide tip design and proprietary diffusion-bonding technology.

  • Diffusion bonding technology creates stronger carbide bond for a durable, longest-lasting bit
  • 100% full-carbide head – delivers 4X life in concrete with rebar and longer life for masonry drilling
  • 25% more holes per charge
  • Centric conical tip creates in rounder holes for precision-anchoring applications
  • Wear mark – assures hole-diameter tolerance for anchoring
  • Optimized for heavy-duty and cordless rotary hammers – fits tools with SDS-plus® chucks