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Blueskin RF200 Ice & Water Barrier - 3' x 65' Roll (195 sqft)

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Blueskin® RF200 is a self-adhered rubberized waterproof roofing membrane underlayment. It is used as a secondary waterproofing layer on sloped roofs in both residential and commercial buildings, protecting the building’s interior from damages caused by water infiltration as a result of ice dams or wind-driven rain. It is designed to be adhered directly to wood, gypsum decks or certain insulation panels prior to the application of finished roof coverings such as shingles, cedar shakes, and some architectural metal and tiles.

RF200 is 40mil thick.


  • Self-seals around nails and fasteners for lasting water-tightness
  • Fully adhered system prevents lateral moisture migration
  • Premium skid-resistant textured blue film surface
  • Split-back release liner for easier handling and faster application
  • Shrink-wrap packaging for better product protection during storage in various weather conditions

Sizes available

195 sq. ft. (3 feet wide x 65 linear feet)


Store rolls on end in original pallets or elevated platform. Protect from weather or store in a dry enclosed area not subject to heat over 120 °F.