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6mm Driwall Rainscreen 4' x 65' - (260 Square Feet per Roll)

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Driwall RainScreen 6mm is a rollable rainscreen product which can be used in several different applications. Code-conforming to the National Building Code of Canada, the BC Building Code, the Vancouver Building Bylaw and others, the product is most commonly used as a rain screen for stucco, man-made stone, sidewall shingles, and vertical siding. The product is also commonly used behind most other sidings and masonry, making it an extremely versatile rain screen system.*

Features and Benefits

Why choose driwall as your rain screen system?Save time and money and complete more projects!

  • Less than half the installed cost of using furring strips and backerboard for a stucco or stone application approx. 1/3rd of the installation time!
  • Much faster and more cost effective to install than cross-strapping furring strips for vertical siding or sidewall shingles
One Product That is Easy and Versatile
  • Cuts easily with utility knife or snips
  • Bends nicely around corners!
  • One rain screen product which can be used in virtually every application!
Aesthetics: Projects Look Better
  • Stucco and stone less susceptible to "ridging" and "cracking" (due to consistent, compression resistant product) which is often associated with the furring strip/backerboard combination straighter, crisper walls!
  • Less wavy siding and shakes due to consistent rigid product along entire depth of wall (not strips of wood or plastic every 8 or 16 inches which may cause waviness)
Unparalleled Ventilation/drying
  • >90% Air! vs. 80% or less using the wood furring strip method (for stucco/stone)
  • Unlike some dimpled products, Driwall allows for cross-ventilation and vapour permeance for better drying
Increase the Life of Your Building
  • Product will not retain moisture vs. wood furring strips which can soak up water
  • Product does not degrade fasteners vs. chemical treatments in wood strips which can eat away at nails and other fasteners
  • Product made from a high-quality polypropylene for durability, strength, and longevity
Eliminate Cross-strapping and Backerboard
  • Eliminates the need to cross-strap behind shingles and horizontal siding
  • No reason to use furring strips and backerboard for stucco/stone projects just apply Driwall!
  • Saves even more installation time, labour, and money