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4' x 50' Keene VIPER CDR VENT Drainage and Ventilation Mat (200 Square Feet Per Roll)

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Are you from the US and looking to purchase VIPER CDR VENT? Call us at 1-877-383-2671 for special deals. Let us know how many rolls you’re looking for and which city + state you’re from.

VIPER CDR VENT™ is a 0.30-inch (7.6mm), randomly oriented, geometric patterned drainage and ventilation mat.

The product is designed to eliminate moisture and moisture vapor in cedar roofing, siding applications, and metal roofing applications.

VIPER CDR VENT is produced from an extruded polymer matrix of tangled monofilaments, which are heat-welded at the junctions to form a structure that spaces siding and roofing away from the inner sheathing.

The product is useful in cedar and metal roofing and siding applications in which a clean airspace is desired for ventilation and drainage.

Features and Benefits

  • Drainage of excess moisture and ventilation in one product
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Simple installation with mechanical staple hammer
  • Polymer core resistant to most known corrosive chemicals, including solvents
  • Wide rolls for fewer seams
  • Core absorbs and releases no moisture
  • Provides no source for the promotion of MOLD, MILDEW or BACTERIA


  • Roofing applications including cedar shingles and shakes
  • Metal roofing applications
  • Zinc roofing applications
  • Siding applications