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Vertibreak V6 (Warehoos Exclusive)

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Vertibreak® rainscreen insulation is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) exterior wall insulation panel system that provides both insulation and an air/drainage rainscreen cavity in one product, eliminating the need in many cases for the use of furring strips as your rainscreen cavity.

V6 was designed to be used in 2x4 or 2x6 construction and meets R23 to R25 (effective) in a typical 2x6 wall system (Step Code 1-3+) and it also meets R18 to R19 (effective) in a typical 2x4 wall system.


  • Speed up your installation time
  • Meet rainscreen & insulation codes in one step!
  • Reduce your installation cost

How can Vertibreak® help your project?

  • Use of exterior insulation can move the dew point resulting in less condensation, mould & rot.
  • Not as susceptible to shrinking, warping, cupping and other wood furring issues which may cause uneven or wavy siding
  • Creates a more robust air barrier when used in conjunction with a taped housewrap system.
  • Limits the ability for 'ballooning' of housewrap which may otherwise cause tears or air barrier failure.