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Typar Metrowrap

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For commercial applications, it just makes sense to specify a commercial-grade wrap tough enough for your job. TYPAR MetroWrap stands up to the rigors of commercial construction with superior performance and toughness.



SDS Sheet

Installation Guide

3 Part Specs


It's tough up there. TYPAR MetroWrap® is engineered to ensure that when you're building over four stories, you're more than ready for the challenge. The product's strengths make it a superior choice for defending multi-family dwellings, light commercial projects and large commercial structures. With enhanced UV protection, it even helps you deal with project delays and changing timelines.

Install TYPAR MetroWrap along with our complete system of Flashings and Construction Tape and get the backing of a lifetime limited warranty.*

TYPAR MetroWrap delivers key advantages you won't find with other construction-grade wraps:

Stands up to sunlight

Leave exposed for up to 12 months with no UV degradation. 

Holds tighter during construction

Tear-strength is 5x greater than the competition. 

Boosts energy-efficiency

Superior air and water holdout reduces energy costs.

Safeguards healthy spaces

Will not support mold growth (ASTM D3273) and protects indoor air quality.

Resists surfactant damage

Handles harsh chemicals and jobsite cleaning techniques. 


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