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T-Clear Cap Flashing

T-Clear Cap Flashing

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For Wallguard® Concrete Faced Insulated Perimeter Wall Panels

Note: T-Clear Cap Flashings are sold in carton quantities only (4 pieces / carton). Please prepare a few days in lead time for this product's delivery.

UV stable rigid PVC cap flashing designed specifically for WallGUARD Concrete Faced Insulated Perimeter Wall Panels.

The use of PVC results in no thermal bridging so the flashing will not take away from the insulation value of the WallGUARD panels or the wall assembly.

The PVC design includes a drip edge to keep water from running down the face of the panels as well as providing for an aesthetically pleasing gray color that closely matches the natural color of the concrete facing on the WallGUARD panels. The Styrofoam® insulation is completely covered to prevent any UV degradation which would affect the integrity of the WallGUARD panel over time.


The flashing comes in 8’ lengths with 3/16”x 1/2” holes every 6” to screw or nail to your substrate.

When securing the flashing to the substrate with either screws or nails make sure you leave the connection loose (1/32”) to leave room for the slight expansion and contraction of the PVC material.

Part Dimensions 8' length
Packaging * (10) 8' pieces/carton = 80 LF per carton
Carton Dimensions & Weight 6" x 6" x 97" / 17lbs Carton
Colour Gray
Fasteners Not included

*Cap Flashing is sold in carton quantities only.

 Properties Value Test
Izod Impact, ft lbs/in notch 20.6 D-792
Tensile Yield Strength, 10³ psi 6.5 D-256
Tensile Modulus, 105 psi 3.9 D-638
Flexural Yield Strength, 10³ psi 12.7 D-790
Flexural Modulus, 105 psi 4.2 D-790
DTUL at 264 psi, °C Un-anneal 67 D-648
ASTM Cell Classification 16343 D-1784