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Soprema Sopraseal Liquid Flashing - 20 oz (600ml)

Soprema Sopraseal Liquid Flashing - 20 oz (600ml)

by Convoy
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SOPRASEAL LIQUID FLASHING is a high quality, 100% solid low odor elastomeric polyether membrane. SOPRASEAL LIQUID FLASHING is designed to provide air tightness to critical rough openings while sealing joints and creating a seamless transition to air barrier membranes. This product is compatible with SOPRASEAL membranes. SOPRASEAL LIQUID FLASHING can also be used to treat joints while adhering to most construction materials as well as SOPRASEAL XPRESS G.

Colour - Blue


This product can be used on most substrates such as aluminum, brick, concrete, wood, masonry and PVC.


The substrate must be clean and dry. Debris and other contaminants such as water, grease and oil may compromise the adhesion. Metal surfaces and PVC pipes must be cleaned with non-greasy solvents, such as acetone or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). Painted surfaces must be fully cured before proper bonding can occur.


The shelf life of SOPRASEAL LIQUID FLASHING is 12 months, when properly kept in the original container.