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Simpson Strong-Tie LSSR26Z Rafter Hanger

Simpson Strong-Tie LSSR26Z Rafter Hanger

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The LSSR Light Slopeable/Skewable Rafter Hanger stands at the forefront of field-adjustable rafter hanger technology, showcasing a patented design that redefines industry standards. It distinguishes itself with a remarkable feature — the capability to be installed seamlessly after the rafter has been firmly positioned, offering a level of convenience that is unmatched in the field.

This highly versatile hanger is engineered to accommodate skews of up to 45°, owing to its ingenious flange design. This makes it a compelling choice for complex roofing structures. The hanger's hinged swivel seat enables effortless adjustments, facilitating slopes of up to 45° in both the upward and downward directions, providing an unprecedented degree of flexibility.

Key Features:

  1. Streamlined Post-Installation: Eliminate the complexities associated with pre-installation of hangers before securing the rafters. The LSSR allows for straightforward post-installation, streamlining your construction processes.

  2. Precise Skew Adjustments: The hanger's flange design simplifies skew adjustments, covering the entire spectrum from 0° to 45°, ensuring a precise fit for roofing configurations of all types.

  3. Swivel Seat Versatility: The innovative hinged swivel seat delivers smooth and precise adjustments, accommodating slopes ranging from 0° to 45°, in both the upward and downward directions, with remarkable ease.


  • Comprehensive material specifications are available in the provided table.


  • Enhanced with the corrosion-resistant ZMAX® coating, the hanger ensures not only durability but also a reliable, long-lasting performance.