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SIGA Wigluv 100 Exterior Air Sealing Tape - 3.9" x 82' Roll

Original price $132.50 - Original price $675.60
Original price
$132.50 - $675.60
Current price $132.50

Wigluv is the optimum construction tape solution for permanent windtight sealing of breathable membranes, facade membranes, overlaps, penetrations and bonds on the exterior.

Wigluv is a tenaciously sticky, low-profile, acrylic sealing tape. Constructed of a special vapor-permeable polyolefin (PO) film, reinforcing mesh, and pressure-sensitive glue, SIGA Wigluv will bond even the most difficult substrates in extreme climate conditions. Primer is required for masonry and soft fiberboard.

high adhesive strength at high and low temperatures - reliable, long-term building value

diffusible sd < 2 m - prevents condensation build-up

resistant to driving rain and impermeable to water - permanent protection for roof and facade


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