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SIGA Majvest® 200 Facade Membrane - 4.9' x 164' Roll

SIGA Majvest® 200 Facade Membrane - 4.9' x 164' Roll

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SIGA Majvest 200

Majvest 200 membrane provides the perfect foundation for durable water-resistive and air-barrier assemblies. Majvest 200 is a mechanically-fastened, 3-ply membrane designed for above-grade moisture control and air barrier applications. Its protective polypropylene fleece layers stand up to the toughest jobsite conditions. A highly vapor-permeable, polymeric inner layer does the heavy multi-tasking: resisting harsh wind-driven rain and snow, while still protecting the wall beneath from condensation build-up.

3-layer, tear-proof and flexible

  • Can be laid easily, quickly and securely

Ideal for roof and facade

  • For all-purpose application

Cutting and bonding aid

  • Time saving

Other Details

  • Thickness: 20 mils
  • Water vapor transmission: 54 US perms
  • Resistance to water penetration: >110 inches
  • Maximum UV exposure (IECC Climate Zones 3-8): 3 months