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PowerDrain 9000 Geocomposite Drainage Mat - Multiple Sizes

Original price $544.95 - Original price $4,219.21
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$544.95 - $4,219.21
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PowerDrain 9000 is a heavy duty commercial geo composite drainage mat designed to protect both foundation walls and concrete decks from the damaging effects of water and hydrostatic pressure.

PowerDrain 9000 geocomposite consists of a dimpled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) core and a fully bonded, woven filter fabric. The dimpled HDPE core acts as a drainage plane that allows moisture from the soil to flow to the base of a foundation wall or nearest drain in roofing applications. The attached woven filter geotextile allows water to freely pass through it, while protecting against soil and other sediments entering and potentially clogging the drainage plane. When properly installed, PowerDrain 9000 creates a 10mm gap which relieves the hydrostatic pressure that would otherwise be acting on the foundation wall or concrete deck.