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PassivSeal UVS 500 Heavy Duty Peel 'n Stick Sealing Membrane

PassivSeal UVS 500 Heavy Duty Peel 'n Stick Sealing Membrane

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$75.96 $225.70
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PassivSeal UVS 500 is a strong, durable, stretchable, non-asphaltic, and black peel ‘n stick membrane. A co-polymer solvent-free acrylic, it is suitable in a variety of applications:

1. Transition between sill plate and foundation

  • Tenacious adhesive bonds to concrete surfaces extremely well
  • Flexible to move with wood and concrete over time

2. One-piece system for full window sill/gusset applications

3. Full window waterproofing application

  • Including curved windows

4. Open joint rainscreen applications

  • Joints up to 2”/ 5.1cm

5. Exposed areas where a black, non-labelled product is desired for aesthetics

  • Use on exterior deck framing as a deck protector to reduce mould/rot

6. Use as a ‘self-sealing’ flashing for wall penetrations

Other features and benefits

  • UV stable - 365 days full exposure
  • Excellent adhesion to many rough surfaces
  • Solvent free - < 0.1% VOC’s
  • Seals out moisture and water vapour
 Product Dimensions
4" PassivSeal UVS 500 4" x 49' / 100mm x 15m
6" PassivSeal UVS 500 6" x 49' / 150mm x 15m
9" PassivSeal UVS 500 9" x 49' / 225mm x 15m
12" PassivSeal UVS 500 12" x 49' / 305mm x 15m

Technical Data

See data sheet below