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MasterSeal P 173 Primer for Master Builders Solution Sealants

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Description: MasterSeal P 173 Primer was formerly branded as Sonolastic 733 Primer. Its the same products. MasterSeal P 173 is commonly used for improving adhesion on galvanized steel Kynar, Wood, Porous Masonry, Cement, in high water exposure area, and other situations where improved long term adhesion is desired. Its will also prevent water migration along/under porous areas. Available in 12 cans per case. The P 173 primer is used with NP1, NP2, SL1, SL2, Ultra and most polyurethane sealants, polyurethane waterproofing primers and polyurethane basecoat primers.

NOTE: This product will discolor in the sun. It is suggested to NOT apply to areas which will not be coated with sealant.