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MasterSeal M 200 (Sonoguard) Self-Leveling Waterproofing Base Coat - 5 Gal

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Recommended Uses

Waterproofing exterior surfaces subject to light vehicle and pedestrian traffic loads. Skid resistant textures are incorporated for safety as required. Substrates include concrete and incidental metal on car park decks. Provides durable attractive membrane to:- Park Decks, Balconies, plaza decks, rooftops, plant rooms, and can be used to recoat old membranes and copings.


For information on surface preparation, priming, methods of application etc, refer to “Application Guide for MasterSeal Traffic 1500 MD available from your local BASF Construction Chemicals representative.

How to Apply Surface Preparation Concrete

  1. Concrete must be fully cured (28 days), structurally sound, clean and dry (ASTM D 4263). All concrete surfaces (new and old) must be shot blasted to remove previous coatings, laitance and all miscellaneous surface contamination and to provide profile for proper adhesion. Abrasive shot blasting must occur after concrete repair has taken place. Acidetching is not permitted. Proper profile should be a minimum of ICRI CSP-3 (as described in ICRI document 03732.) For balconies and other pedestrian areas with limited space or access for shot-blasting, alternative mechanical methods can be used to achieve the recommended surface profile.
  2. Repair voids and delaminated areas with BASF branded cementicious and epoxy patching materials. For application when fast-turn repairs are required, MasterSeal 350 can be used to repair patches up to 1.5″ in depth when used in aggregate slurry mix. Please refer to the MasterSeal 350 Technical Data Guide for proper application techniques.
  3. All units must be applied within the specified pot life.