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LT I-Joist Top Hanger

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The LT series of top-flange hangers is designed to offer superior performance for supporting I-joists. The hanger's top-flange design simplifies placement for quick and easy installation. The stirrup laterally supports the I-joist top flange, eliminating the need for web stiffeners.

- Securing the carried I-joist is simple, requiring only one or two screws into the bottom flange through the seat of the hanger
- The optional triangle nail holes may be used for increased uplift
- These hangers cannot be modified but will accommodate a skew of up to 5°
- Made from 18 gauge galvanized steel

- Because these hangers are fully die-formed, they cannot be modified. However these models will normally accommodate a skew of up to 5°.
- The LT hanger has locations for optional nails if additional uplift is needed. Optional uplift nailing requires the addition of properly-secured web stiffeners.