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LePage QUAD MAX Sealant - 295ml

LePage QUAD MAX Sealant - 295ml

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LePage® QUAD® MAX is the next generation of siding and window sealant that offers maximum durability and maximum application performance for use in any conditions, interior or exterior.

LePage QUAD MAX  has been proven to stick on wet and cold surfaces and offers long term durability against the harmful effects of sun exposure.

Unlike traditional solvent sealants, LePage QUAD MAX is resistant to bubbling and has no shrinkage. By providing superior protection against air and moisture, you have done it right the first time.

  • Proven Wet Surface Application
  • Better Flexibility: 5x Stretch & ± 50% Joint Movement (Class 50 sealant)
  • Consistent Bead in Hot or Cold Temperatures: -18°C to 60°C Application
  • 24 Hour Fast Cure for Quicker Protection*
  • Available in Multiple Colors Paintable in 1 Hour
  • Strong Adhesion to More Building Materials Without Primer
  • Enhanced UV Resistance