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Keene CAV-AIR-ATOR® 16" x 48"

Keene CAV-AIR-ATOR® 16" x 48"

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The CAV-AIR-ATOR® is a full wall drainage and ventilation mat for full brick or stone masonry walls. It prevents mortar from entering the cavity, clinging to wall ties, or blocking weep holes. The innovative design of the CAV-AIR-ATOR allows it to be extremely light and flexible so it can easily rest on top of the brick ties.


  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Schools, public works and institutional construction
  • Residential applications for long-life construction
  • For applications in which the useful life of the building is in excess of 50 years
  • Features and Benefits

  • Creates a 96.5% void space in a masonry veneer cavity
  • Unobstructed ventilation from top of wall to bottom weeps
  • Lightweight pieces
  • 16" and 24" size, designed to sit on top of masonry ties and install as the mason builds
  • Filter cloth laminated to the front prevents all mortar from entering the cavity
  • Springy design adjusts to varying cavity width
  • Filter cloth and springy design also allow mason can maneuver brick properly without skin abrasion