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Taylor Ironwood Glue Assist Wood Flooring Adhesive - 20 oz

Original price $15.25 - Original price $10,020.00
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$15.25 - $10,020.00
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Ironwood Glue Assist makes squeaks and creaks a thing of the past. Keep floors quiet by reducing friction noises with the high-strength, elastomeric bond of Ironwood Glue Assist. This wet-set, early-grab, fast-curing formula is low-odor and easy-to-clean, leaving no surface residue or ghosting even when dried.


  • Reduces friction squeaks common with nail/staple-down installations
  • Wet-set, early grab, fast-curing formula
  • Solvent and isocynate-free
  • Non-staining and easy-to-clean
  • Rapid occupancy times
  • High-strength, waterproof, elastomeric bond
  • Warranted over cutback residue (see TDS)
  • Extremely low VOC, extremely low odor
  • LEED v4 contributing (CDPH v1.2)
  • Antimicrobial technology

Open Time: 0 mins

Working Time: 45 mins

Cure Time: 12 hrs