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Fortress Infinity I-Series Cape Town Grey Composite Decking Board

Fortress Infinity I-Series Cape Town Grey Composite Decking Board

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$63.36 $158.80
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Fortress®set out to prove that cost-effective decking could still deliver the strength, usability and beauty of its premium cousins. Well, we did that and more.

With most decking options, you're forced to choose between the cost savings you want and the quality that you deserve. Fortress refuses to play by that rule. Infinity I-Series allows you to get a cost-effective decking solution that still delivers the strength, beauty, and usability of its premium counterparts.

Our Infinity® I-Series capped bamboo-plastic composite (CBPC) decking is 40% lighter, while keeping the same stiffness and mechanical properties. This revolutionary design uses the historically proven I-beam shape, which is uniquely capable of handling heavy loads.


  • EASY TO MAINTAIN—Never sand, stain or strain again with this simple, sustainable solution
  • QUICK TO INSTALL—Lightweight, grooved boards and HULK hidden fasteners make installation easy.
  • ENGINEERED FOR SAFETY—Stay on sure footing thanks to premium slip and splinter resistance, plus improved heat dissipation.
  • DESIGNED FOR BEAUTY—Enjoy the look of natural hardwood and realistically varied wood grain.

Looking to spark your imagination? Use the FortressView™ visualizer to envision your deck, framing and railing in a 3D setting. 

Grooved Board - Specs

  • 5.35" (140mm) x 1" (25mm) x 12' / 16' / 20' (366cm/488cm/610cm)
  • Grooved, solid deck boards

Starter Board - Specs

  • 5.35" (140mm) x 1" (25mm) x 16' (488cm)
  • Grooved, solid deck boards

Square Board - Specs 

  • 5.5" (140mm) x 1" (25mm) x 20' (610cm)
  • Non-grooved deck boards

Fascia Board - Specs 

  • 8" Fascia/Riser (203mm): 0.65" (14mm) x 7.25" (184mm) x 12' (366cm)
  • 12" Fascia (305mm): 0.71" (16mm) x 12" (285mm) x 12' (366cm)