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DynaCrete DynaWood High Performance Wood Treatment & Primer

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High Performance Wood Treatment & Primer

DynaCrete DynaWood is a water-based, colorless, odorless, ready-to-use, deep-penetrating permanent treatment for all permeable wood structures. A one-time, soaking application will produce a breathable, silicate/glass-impregnated layer up to a ¼” deep.

DynaWood Benefits:

  • Permanently waterproofs, stopping water absorption 
  • Stops wood rot caused by brown or white algae  
  • Permanently stops up to 98% of moisture vapor coming up undercoatings
  • Increases hardness of wood 
  • Reduces cracks caused by moisture evaporation and slivers caused by UVB/UVA damage
  • Is water-based, 100% safe, eco-friendly, has zero VOC’s

Product Application:

  • Is safe for the applicator, animals, and plants
  • Is best applied with a pump-up hand sprayer
  • Coverage is about 750 sq. ft. per pail

Common Structures to be Treated:

  • Decks
  • Fences
  • All permeable wooden structures, old or new


  • Manufactured in Canada to ISO 14001 standards


  • 20 liter pails
  • 208 liter drums