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Chem Link M-1 Universal Adhesive & Sealant - 300ml/10.1 oz (Cartridge)

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$14.55 - $332.40
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M-1 by Chem Link is a moisture cure, multi-purpose structural adhesive/sealant designed for bonding and sealing a wide range of construction materials. M-1 forms a tough, elastic & waterproof seal to most roofing materials, masonry, wood, glass, aluminum and foam. M-1 bonds well to most building surfaces including metal flashing, copings, skylights, and HVAC surfaces and makes for an excellent construction adhesive sealant for multiple applications.
  • SOLVENT FREE - 100% solids, will not shrink
  • WIDE RANGE - apply at temps as low as 32F
  • COLOR STABILITY - good stability, will not suntan
  • GUN GRADE - no special tools requir
  • Bonding surfaces should be clean, dry and free from all contamination that may inhibit the sealant’s performance.
  • Isopropyl alcohol is an effective cleaner for surface preparation. Install all joint applications per ASTM and SWRI recommendations and guidelines.
  • Please contact Chem Link for application guidelines for temperatures below 32 degrees F (0 degrees C).
  • Maintain M-1 construction adhesive sealant at room temperature before application in order to ensure adequate tooling and adhesion. This adhesive sealant product sets rapidly upon exposure to moisture.