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9" x 109' PERM-A-BARRIER® NPS Air Barrier

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PERM-A-BARRIER® NPS membrane minimizes air and water vapor flow through a building’s exterior, minimizing premature deterioration of the building’s envelope and improving its energy efficiency. Even better, this primerless impermeable air barrier membrane saves time and money. In field trials, it proved to be up to 35% faster to install than comparable membranes that require a primer.

Product Advantages

  • Virtually impermeable to the passage of liquid water and vapor
  • NFPA 285 compliant in a range of wall assemblies
  • Meets ASTM E2357 standard for energy efficiency
  • Waterproof and airtight
  • No primer required for concrete, CMU or exterior gypsum


It’s applied the same way as any other barrier membrane, only without having to use primer. And since there’s no primer needed, you’ll eliminate cleanup time and additional material costs, such as primer, rollers and cleaning supplies—resulting in a significant cost savings over alternative solutions.