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8' x 50' PowerDrain 6000 Geocomposite Drainage Mat - (400 Square Foot Per Roll)

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PowerDrain 6000 is a high performance geocomposite drainage mat designed to protect the foundation wall from the damaging effects of subsurface water and hydrostatic pressure.

PowerDrain 6000 geocomposite consists of a dimpled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) core and a fully bonded polypropylene filter geotextile. The dimpled HDPE core acts as a drainage plane that allows moisture from the soil to flow to the drain-age rock below. The attached non-woven filter geotextile allows water to freely pass through it, while protecting against soil and other sediments entering and potentially clogging the drainage plane. When properly installed, PowerDrain 6000 creates a 10mm gap which relieves the hydrostatic pressure that would otherwise be acting on the foundation wall.