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4'11" x 115' DELTA-VENT SA Vapor Permeable Barrier - 565.1 Square Foot Roll

4'11" x 115' DELTA-VENT SA Vapor Permeable Barrier - 565.1 Square Foot Roll

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The vapor permeable, self-adhering air- and water-resistive barrier comes with BIM models, which allows you to quickly and easily design your building with confidence.

The water-resistive barrier that is both air tight and permeable. DELTA®-VENT SA vapor permeable air- and water resistive barrier prevents moisture from getting into buildings. By also allowing moisture already in to escape, DELTA®-VENT SA eliminates the risk of mold and other problems caused by water pooling where it should not. Its vapor permeability and air tightness makes DELTA®-VENT SA ideal for building and maintaining healthy and comfortable interiors while letting moisture out and improving energy efficiency.

The high-performance solution for energy-efficient construction. A critical component of any energy-efficient building enclosure. DELTA®-VENT SA improves the performance of the wall system by adhering to the substrate so fasteners are not required, eliminating leaks due to penetration. DELTA®-VENT SA is dimensionally stable and has the most tightly sealed and secure side laps in the industry. Using DELTA®-VENT SA helps builders meet energy efficiency requirements demanded by clients.

High-performance buildings need high-performance materials. Better building performance depends largely on the building materials used. Using industry-leading technology, DELTA®-VENT SA creates a continuous water, air, and weather-tight barrier while staying highly permeable, so your buildings stay dry and last longer. DELTA®-VENT SA helps to reduce building issues and emergency calls, and longer-lasting buildings, improved occupant comfort, and client satisfaction.

Easier installation means a healthier bottom line. Designed with applicators in mind, DELTA®-VENT SA comes fully adhered to simple and straight forward application, no fasteners required. With the self-adhesive edge-lap feature, ensuring an airtight overlap is easier than ever, taking the guesswork out of the application process. DELTA®-VENT SA comes with clear and comprehensive installation guides and videos and technical documents that help reduce installation time and labor costs.