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1.5" x 2' x 4' PowerWool RigiBoard 80 Rigid Mineral Wool Insulation (48 Square Feet Per Bag)

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1.5" - 6 pieces per bag - 18 bags per pallet

PowerWool RigiBoard 80 is a continuous, non-structural and noncombustible rigid mineral wool insulation sheathing board designed to increase the effective thermal value of exterior walls. With compression strength more than 40% greater than the leading competitive product, RigiBoard 80 is an ideal choice for heavy-duty claddings and structures.

RIGID - Designed to be more compression resistant than the leading competitive product for most similarly recommended applications. Contractors asked us for a more compression resistant product but one which also still has enough ‘give’ to allow siding to lay flat, for example, when rainscreen furring strips are installed overtop of PowerWool in an exterior siding application.

EXCEPTIONAL R-VALUE - At R-4 per inch, PowerWool helps achieve the new British Columbia Energy “Step Code” Requirements and most US and Canadian energy code and passive house requirements. Choose PowerWool as your rigid mineral wool choice on your next project.

VAPOUR PERMEABLE - More permeable than most “breathable” housewraps, rigid mineral wool allows trapped moisture vapour to safely escape from your walls for exceptional drying potential.