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We ship to Canada + USA. Call us at 1-877-383-2671
Case Study: Building It Right & Warehoos

Case Study: Building It Right & Warehoos

We are proud to announce our partnership with Murray Frank, Owner and President of Building It Right!

Building It Right is a premier learning facility and leading researcher in the construction industry. One challenge his team and clients face is sourcing the relevant materials required for energy efficient construction. Murray's research projects also demand significant amounts of materials.

With Warehoos’ online ordering platform, Murray has been able to streamline material sourcing and purchasing for Building It Right and its clients.

In his words: "Warehoos brings online ordering and a commitment to fulfill those orders same day or on the following day. We can get accurate, up-to-the-minute pricing and we know that Warehoos is there to support our material requirements, with the least amount of effort on our part."

Learn more about Murray's work and our partnership by watching the video above.

Warehoos is your online building supply yard that delivers right to your job site.. Spend less time sourcing and more time building by shopping for materials on our platform.

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