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PassivPanel High Performance Self-Adhesive Panels

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$44.07 $244.56
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PassivPanels seal cable and pipe wall penetrations to prevent air leakage and stop moisture penetration. They form an important part of a high performing air barrier system, helping to achieve new energy building code regulations.


  • Made with a special IRR Butyl with ‘flex’ technology that allows the product move as the building shrinks and contracts, maintaining air barrier integrity over time
  • Made with an aggressive acrylic adhesive which requires no primer on most substrates, and which seals around but won’t permanently bond to cable or pipes
  • Solvent free with the same European technology found on PassivTape (air barrier sealing tape)
  • Available in the following sizes that accommodate cable and pipe sizes diameters from 6mm to 70mm (1/4” to 3”)


Please see data sheet for more information.

  • PassivPanel 1 - 6" x 6" panel size, 2mm hole diameter
  • PassivPanel 2 - 6" x 6" panel size, 5mm hole diameter
  • PassivPanel 3 - 7" x 7" panel size, 16mm hole diameter
  • PassivPanel 4 - 7" x 7" panel size, 35mm hole diameter