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Soprema Elastocol Stick Primer

by Convoy
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ELASTOCOL STICK is a primer composed of SBS synthetic rubbers, adhesive enhancing resins and volatile solvents. It is designed to enhance the adhesion of self-adhesive membranes.

Available as a 3.78L pail or 350g spray can.

ELASTOCOL STICK can be applied over concrete, fibre cement, metal, and wood and on porous surfaces such as “DENS GLASS GOLD” and “DENS DECK”.

ELASTOCOL STICK can be applied with a brush, a roll or a spray can. It must be thoroughly dry before applying the waterproofing membrane. ELASTOCOL STICK must be shaken well before use. 

Application temperatures is above –10 °C (14 °F).
WARNING: Do not accelerate drying of ELASTOCOL STICK by heating it with a torch