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Touch 'n Foam Home Seal Spray Foam - Gaps & Voids

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Home Seal is an all-purpose foam that is perfect for smaller cracks and voids. Use it on both indoor and outdoor applications.* It performs in the widest range of temperatures among all Touch  Foam products, ranging from 30°F to 120°F. Fill small gaps in walls, around exhaust vents, plumbing fixtures, baseboards, sill plates, and electrical outlet boxes.**




Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for smaller gaps and cracks
  • Blocks drafts, pests and insects
  • Cures fast, even in lower temperatures
  • Water resistant / fire retardant
  • Interior / exterior use
  • Paintable / sandable
  • All purpose formula

* Outdoor applications must be painted to avoid foam discoloration.

** Use around (not inside) junction boxes.